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T-Roaming system

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T-Roaming (TR) system is designed to support a telecom operator in the exchange of information about the provided services and roaming settlements with roaming partners.


The system ensures implementation of technological processes related with realization of standard procedures for transfer and return of account information specified by GSM Association: TAP (Transfer Account Procedure) and RAP (Return Account Procedure).

T-Roaming (TR) system is designed for:

  • TAP-IN files processing with information generation for subscriber billing system about roaming service pricing for subscribers;
  • TAP-OUT files generation including information about tariffing roaming services and NRTRDE files for sending to roaming partners;
  • RAP files analysis and processing;
  • Settlement support with roaming partners.


T-R system provides the following main functions:

Data directories and agreements maintenance

  • Maintenance of reference information about roaming partners
  • Maintenance of agreements with roaming partners
  • Maintenance of data about signed contracts and inter-operator tariffs
  • Exchange rates of IMF maintenance

TAP-IN files processing

  • Automatic loading and processing of incoming TAP-IN files
  • Control of completeness and correctness of TAP-IN files
  • Roaming cost calculation for subscribers taking into account discounts and currency exchange rates
  • Automatic files generation about roaming services and their transfer to a subscriber billing system of an operator‘s

TAP-OUT files generation

  • Automatic loading and processing of connections data related to visitors' roaming, and their tariffication
  • Automatic generation of TAP-OUT files for sending to partners
  • Automatic generation and files sending on NRTRDE technology
  • Analysis and processing of RAP files

Settlements support with roaming partners

  • Handling of exceptions and uncertain accounting data
  • Accounts generation
  • Validation of the received invoices
  • Dispute settlements with roaming partners
  • Ensuring of interoperability with external information systems (data import/export)
  • Reports generation about the received / provided roaming services

T-R system can be integrated with external information systems of the Customer.


  • Rapid implementation of new roaming services
  • Support of all GSMA requirements
  • Control providing, tariffs and discounts managing at paying for roaming services
  • Acceleration of cash flow through effective procedures of disputes settlements with roaming partners
  • Maximization of revenue managing business roaming through the effective implementation of settlements with partners