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Telesens Document Center (T-DC)


Telesens Document Center (T-DC) is provided to integrate and standardize the generation, printing and e-mail distribution of customer documents on a single platform of interaction with various existing information systems. System aims for telecommunications operator, who provides a wide range of modern services and data, carrying certain amount of customer documents - large nomenclature of regular and one-time documents in the interaction with customers.


The Document Center provides (see the Functional architecture shown in figure):

  • Centralized storage of templates and documents obtained from BSS with advanced search facilities;
  • Flexible possibilities for document print forms generation;
  • Management of policy for printing documents - batch/on-demand, central office/branch, etc.;
  • Automatic documents delivery by e-mail;
  • API for integration with OSS/BSS systems of operator;
  • Multi-level user roles.

Fig. Functional architecture T-DC


Flexible possibility for new document types generation

Setting up the generator reports/printout forms for invoices and templates for other documents can be made by standard office tools.

Operational cost reduction

Mass processing, requiring minimal staff intervention is the key.
Emailing of specific documents reduces delivery cost.
Centralized development of the templates reduces errors in the documents, and dispute resolution cost.

Document archive

Storage of documents obtained from various sources into a single archive eliminates the need repetitive requests to the BSS while processing the documents (restoration, browsing history, etc.).

Key Features

Flexible integration with OSS/BSS

Integration with external IT systems is based on SOAP/HTTPS Web Service API. Downloading of large arrays of regular documents is performed by FTP.
Integration with external monitoring systems is provided via SNMP.

Support for various document types

  • Given the different components, destination, source, document processing T-DC provides several types of invoices:
- Regular Invoice;
-Statement for Prepaid subscriber;
- One-Time Invoice;
- Adjustment Invoice.

  • Generic document ("Agreement with Postpaid subscriber", "Prepaid subscriber termination application form" and "Re-registration application form") is an entity that stores some fact associated with particular client, and this fact is reflected in a printout form. It is organized as attribute-value map and has a predefined set of mandatory attributes and set of attributes specific for the fact.

  • Ad-hoc document ("Agreement for prepaid subscriber form", "Prepaid subscriber termination application form", "Re-registration application form", "Re-registration approval form", "Appendix A for Postpaid agreement", "Agreement for Postpaid subscriber form") is a document of any structure containing not previously regulated data.

Portability & Scalability

T-DC solution is portable and runs under any platform supporting Java and Oracle technologies.
Increase in performance is achieved through support of multiprocessor operating regime (vertical and horizontal scaling).

T-DC usability

The staff of the operator interacts with the T-DC directly or indirectly through the WUI or via the other information systems.
A dedicated PrintAgent is used to perform printing operations, allowing control of the printing process documents.