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Mediation Solution (T-Mediation) based on well-known data processing platform Mediation Zone® by DigitalRoute AB, and T-Mediation is a flexible software complex aimed for development of custom solutions for automated processing of large amounts of data (such as CDRs in telecommunications networks) for further usage in target information systems (billing sales management etc).


Functionality of data processing industrial platform for information exchange between different sources and target systems:

  • data processing in all modes (offline, online, convergent);
  • Support of all data processing types' import, export, decoding, aggregation, correlation, enrichment, degradation, filtering, routing, transformation etc.
  • Support of various types of data: ASN, binary, complex etc. 
  • All available protocols support for offline: FTP/SFTP, SQL and online: Diameter, Radius, Web-services, SOAP, web-services etc.;
  • "ready-to-go" support of specification for whole variety of network elements (Nokia IACC, GTP', Siemens, Huawei, Alcatel/Lucent, Ericsson etc.) and proprietary protocols for BSS of all known vendors (Comverse PSI and others);
  • Flexible connectivity options (end-point) for information exchange with new data sources and target systems;
  • Storage and data archive capabilities.



Fig. Functionality of T-Mediation solution



Main benefits of the solution are:

  • Usage of CCV (Common Communication Vehicle) principles, TM Forum-standard, that allows easily expand data sources and consumption;
  • Scalability (vertical and horizontal), load balancing between HW nodes, high availability, based on cluster and configuration replicas (N+1 architecture that allows to set up solution in different locations to replace each other in case of fail);
  • Software (Unix, Windows) and hardware (x86, Spark) independence based on cross-platform environment (J2EE, Oracle);
  • One solution for all mediation scenarios (offline, online, convergent);
  • Flexible configuration features and specific SW apps for custom data processing.

Key features

Key features of the solution are the following:

  • Multi-level internal architecture (option for set-up performing components in places of data processing under one control center);
  • Flexible configuration means including Drag-and-Drop interface for complex data processing and built-in APL for;
  • Development Toolkit with open APIs for further system development (new hardware types processing, new OSS/BSS).


  • Attractive cost of solution and possibility of phased commissioning in case of Customer requirements;
  • Selected access zones for control and processing;
  • Specialists from Telesens provide all integration services from system deployment till commissioning and technical support.