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T-CPM System is designed to support content service providers’ settlements management (between cellular operators, content providers, content aggregators, service providers).
The system supports mutual settlements for different kinds of content services: data services (SMS/MMS, pictures, text, melodies, voting and commercial posting); voice services (anecdotes, news, personals etc.); interactive TV and radio projects; individual ring back tones and others. Subject to the delivery method type of transport), services can include SMS-content, Voice-content and WAP-content.

Functionality overview

T-CPM system provides content service provider settlements management, content traffic data processing, partner agreements conduction and output documents generation as protocols, bills and references.

T-CPM system fulfills next basic functionality:
Agreement and Accounting Data Management

  • Manage agreements with content service providers, support different types of mutual settlement patterns, tailor them to meet specific business requirements;
  • Manage content service providers data required for mutual settlements;
  • Tailor agreement patterns to specific content service and methods of delivery;
  • Manage reference data on the network topology, services, destinations , short numbers, tariffication models etc.;
  • Receive and process concurrent accounting data from different switching devices providing content services (voice messages, SMS, MMS, WAP, RBT records etc.).

Accounting Data Tariffication

  • Tariff services in consideration of various delivery methods, traffic types, services, directions;
  • Calculate the service volumes on the basis of inventory accounts received from the content provider (at A number) and from the subscriber (on B number);
  • Calculate the service costs in consideration of content provider’s participation percentage;
  • Conduct re-calculations with altered initial data or contractual terms, re-tariff content traffic with altered rates not addressing the initial accounting data;
  • Reveal and correct exceptions in the course of accounting data processing and conduct necessary re-calculations.

Bill Generation; Data Analysis

  • Generate provided service acceptance protocols and bills for partners;
  • Generate protocols and references on the content provider services in the context of content types, short numbers, melodies etc.;
  • Generate short-number leasing bills and other nonrecurring and recurrent service bills;
  • Search and retrieve content service cost and volume data and batch them on the set criteria;
  • Maintain final data on settlement periods, calculate discounts and taxes;
  • Generate consolidated reports on mutual settlements with content providers.

Benefits and advantages

With T-CPM system you will gain a number of business advantages:

  • Expand your possibilities

The system supports management of every form of mutual settlements with partners and service providers. With flexible agreement structure, based on the use of tailored templates, you can implement present and future settlement patterns, ensure flexible tariffication policy, minimize time to market for new services and enhanced business scenarios and thus gain competitive advantage.

  • Support various service types and telecommunication standards

The system is equipped with tools required to introduce new services and communication standards: flexible rules of initial data-based service type determination, content-service volume calculation in rules of service types in registration information, determination of volumes of content services in different measurement units (amount of transactions, minutes, megabytes etc.).

  • Use high-performance tariffication algorithms

The high-performance tariffication engine supports every type of partner settlement patterns that can be tailored to meet specific business requirements.

  • Prevent financial losses

Thorough data processing control, revealing and correcting exceptions in the course of the accounting data processing ensures sufficient and accurate calculations.

  • Use modern architectural decisions

The system software has been developed with the use of cutting age information technologies based at Oracle, Crystal Reports business software platforms and development tools.