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The company mainly focuses on developing and promoting complex software solutions in the field of telecommunications on the markets of CIS, Europe and Asia.

We offer powerful and modern systems for large domestic and international carriers as well as for medium and small telecommunications companies and their clients.

Our software products can be delivered as sole, complex solutions or as separate modules, with the further integration into the already existing Customer’s system.
  • Tinterconnect (T-IC) is an interconnect billing system for settlements between carriers and telecommunication service providers.[More]
  • T-CPM is an interconnect billing system for content processing settlements between telecommunication operators and content providers. [More]
  • T-Roaming (T-R) is a roaming settlements system.[More]
  • T-TTM is a traffic trade management system. [More]
  • T-Factura is a system which enables to import mobile and fixed carriers’ bills in an electronic format and to process the detailed information about services. [More]
  • T-PBX isdesigned for automation and information support of settlements with operator’s customers connected via PBX. The system can operate both as a standalone solution and integrated with other information operator’s systems.[More]
  • T-Collation (T-C) isdeveloped to automate the processes of collation of detailed traffic data with partners’ data in the disputes settlement with interconnected operators.[More]

We provide a wide range of services:
- Modifications of the supplied software products on demand of the customer;
- Technical support and administration of software products;
- Training of the Customer's staff;
- Business consulting.

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